The fastest way to contact us regarding website, forum or if you interested in joining our team
is to email us directly at info@sadauskas.info

Contact via Twitter >>> twitter.com/sadauskas_info

You can also contact us in the FORUM (where you can even make new topics
without registration, so you can be totally anonymous with fake email and name.

Happy to announce that now there is #SADAUSKAS channel on 3 IRC Networks (Libera, Freenode & Rizon)
this way all the users can have real time conversations either publicly or privately.

We are always looking like-minded indivuduals.

Our Office is located in Buck County Pennsylvania USA


To contact "KARMA HACKERS GROUP" for our services & possibly hiring us, follow these steps:
1) use Libera IRC Server "/list" all channels 2) Search for channel containing Topic
"Karma chan of the day" 3) "/join" & message the chan oper to get invite to private chan (+i).
4) If you get that invite, you wil be able to chat with our team directy
Non Techy people should use email & wait. Sadauskas from Levittown can also do that...

visit SADAUSKAS Twitter Page | SADAUSKIENE Website | LGBTQ.sadauskas.info