About Us

SADAUSKAS believe it or not got pretty famous recently. Bing has it on the first page, and even old forgotten Yahoo! actually just became cool and also presents it on the first page! Now we are working on having same results with Google, but it's like feeding broccoli to small child, takes time and all kinds of BS to do it, but we will :)
More information about sadauskas project is coming soon!

We also run a great sadauskas forum (that's if you missed it on front page)Where you can find the most up to date news regarding LGBTQ+ & Ukraine / Russian War.

Also we run a new, but very quickly gaining popularity Twitter - https://twitter.com/sadauskas_info

SADAUSKAS is now on IRC as well, on 3 different Networks (Libera, Freenode & Rizon) . If you on IRC, you can /join #SADAUSKAS on all 3 of them